March 27, 2020

Gearing Up For Your Run Blog Series Part 1: The Shoes

These current events have altered all of our daily schedules in one form or another. This has also created more free time that I’m happy to […]
March 26, 2020

Neck pain – Sleeping on Your Back

Does your neck hurt when you wake up in the morning? Do you sleep on your back? A question that I always get as a Vancouver […]
March 25, 2020

Neck Pain – Sleeping Face Down

Do you sleep face down? Have you wondered what the best sleeping position is?   Prone sleeping, or sleeping face down, according to research is the […]
March 24, 2020

Neck Pain Sleep Postures – Side Sleeping

Does your neck hurt when you wake up in the morning? Do you sleep on your side?   A question I always get asked is What […]
March 23, 2020

Low Back Pain Fixes! Hip Flexor Stretch

Here’s a great stretch to do when your hips get tight from sitting.  Hip Flexor Stretch: 1) Kneel down on one knee and place the other […]
March 23, 2020

Low back pain for Pregnant Women

  Some of our pregnant clients’ experience low back pain while walking. Here are some recommendations to help you out! Tips: #1: Stop every ten minutes […]
March 23, 2020

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

Have you ever wondered what pillow would help your neck pain? Would it shock you if I told you there is no magic pillow? Everyone comes […]
March 21, 2020

Community Partner: Turnfit Personal Training Free Online Bootcamps!

Hey everyone! We wanted to share some amazing news with you. The personal training team that is one of our community partners is offering up free […]