What is Social Distancing?

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COVID-19 A note from Dr. Jenine
March 17, 2020
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March 18, 2020

What is Social Distancing?

Social Distancing

Baseline Health and Wellness Presents: COVID-19: Understanding Quarantine, Isolation and Social Distancing in a Pandemic

  • Do you have questions about what you should and should not be doing right now?
  • What does quarantine mean?
  • What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?
  • When do I call ahead to my doctors office?
  • What about dogs?

Here’s a link to the Cleveland Clinic that explains what Quarantine, Isolation and Social Distancing is about! https://zcu.io/gG9e

Yes, it is a hard to distance yourself and keep busy especially with how our lives may have been before this sudden change swept in. But here are some ways to connect and stay busy while you’re distancing:

  1. Facetime, Zoom, or Skype friends and family members
  2. Join a supporting Facebook group
  3. Bust out an old board game
  4. Learn a new card game
  5. Pick up your phone and call someone
  6. Play an online video game with a friend
  7. Catch up on some housekeeping
  8. Marie Kondo your place. It’s so satisfying!
  9. Order a label maker off of Amazon and HAVE FUN!
  10. Do a home yoga/workout video from your favorite studio or gym!

We have prepared some social media posts and tips and tricks for you guys during this time. If you have any special requests please do not hesitate to email, Facebook message or Instagram message us and we can make the content that would be help you through this time!

If you have any questions in regards to your  physical health concerns please feel free to reach out!






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