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Whether you are recovering from a recent injury, need some stress relief or looking to address an ongoing problem, we are here to help! Join us at Baseline as we get you moving by relaxing your muscles and relieving your stress no matter the cause of your pain, we got you covered!


What is a Bodyworker?


A bodyworker is a massage therapy student who is completing their schooling to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) but hasn't taken their licensing exam. 

Massage therapy schools and programs generally provide students with the knowledge and skills required to provide safe and effective massage therapy treatments. Massage therapy students are typically trained in anatomy, physiology, and various massage techniques, and they may have supervised practical experience working with clients in a clinic setting - therefore they’re able to offer relaxation sessions or address specific conditions you may have.


How quickly do improvements happen?


Benefits from massage vary from person to person. Each session is based on the individual's needs and wants. The therapist will work with their patient to establish an achievable and realistic timeline. We generally expect to see some short term benefits each session (e.g. reduction in muscle tension). Then, over the course of a treatment plan, we’d expect to see a decrease in overall severity and duration of symptoms.



What can you expect during a treatment:


Your first bodyworker massage session will be an hour long - this includes a history intake and assessment of your concerns. The therapist will discuss with you your goals and expectations from the treatment before starting the hands-on portion. After the treatment, home care exercises are provided based on the individual's needs.

What you can expect following a treatment:


A follow up treatment can be an hour or half hour long, depending on each individual’s treatment plan and preference.


When should I see an Bodyworker?

As they offer massage therapy at a reduced rate - this option could be beneficial for people who do not have insurance coverage, have used up their massage benefits for the year or want to save their remaining balance.

Please note that this service is not billable to extended health insurance.

Conditions We Often See:

Patients who visit our Vancouver clinic for care usually complain of the following:
● Low back pain
Neck pain
● Jaw (TMJ) Pain
● Whiplash
Headaches and Migraines
● Torticollis
● Bell’s palsy
● Thoracic outlet syndrome (Arm Numbness)
● Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
● Sprains and Strains
● Stress and Pain Management
● Post Surgery Scar Treatment
● Piriformis syndrome
● Sciatic nerve pain (Sciatica)
● IT Band syndrome (Knee Pain)
● Plantar fasciitis (Foot Pain)
● Chronic Compartment Syndrome



Benefits Body Work Massage:

● Decrease pain and stress
Managing Headaches
● Muscle Relaxation
● Increase flexibility
● Improve postural imbalances


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