Christine Bersabe

Christine Bersabe

Position: Body Worker

Christine is a current student at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and will be writing her registration exam to become an RMT in September 2023. Her experience working in the clinic at VCMT has allowed her to treat patients with an array of conditions including scoliosis, fibromyalgia, neurological conditions and chronic sports injuries.

Prior to returning back to school, Christine worked in the Events Production & Live Entertainment Industry. She decided to pursue a new and purposeful career that supported balance and wellness, and massage therapy was the perfect fit.

Christine’s dedication to helping others improve their overall quality of life is inspired by her own journey of chronic pain and history of work-related stress. As a bodyworker, Christine’s approach to massage therapy includes a combination of therapeutic and Swedish techniques to reduce pain, encourage circulation and promote body awareness. She believes that massage therapy plays a tremendous role in pain and stress management in improving patients’ quality of life.

Outside of her school and studies, you can find her spending her time outdoors by staying active. Depending on the time of the year, she’ll likely be snowboarding on one of North Shore mountains, or hiking a trail on the Fraser Valley. She believes that exercise plays a key role in supporting her physical, emotional and mental strength and strives to encourage her patients to make movement a daily habit so they can keep doing the things they love.

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