Low back pain for Pregnant Women

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Low back pain for Pregnant Women

low back pain pregnancy


Some of our pregnant clients’ experience low back pain while walking. Here are some recommendations to help you out!


#1: Stop every ten minutes to check in with your pain. How are you feeling overall?

#2: Squat: A squat will re-engage your glute muscles, and take tension off your low back muscles

#3: Deep breaths: Breathe in and relax low back and belly, breathe out and draw your belly button in. This will engage your core muscles, and protect your low back

#4: Seated figure 4’s: Sit tall, place one ankle over opposite thigh, hinge forward at the hips. You should feel a stretch in your hip.

These tips can help you walk more comfortably during pregnancy. Feel free to share with your pregnant friends!

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