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At Baseline Wellness, we provide the ultimate in safe, natural, responsible care. We educate each patient on the body’s organic healing powers, understanding that harmony and balance are achieved when our minds and bodies work together.

Our mission is to inspire and ignite a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic care, massage and manual therapies, nutrition, and overall body and mind strengthening and health.

Knowledge leads to empowerment, and empowerment allows us to live a bold, deliberate life, taking full control of our wellness.


Common Conditions

● Back and low back pain
● Shoulder pain
Neck Pain
● Sports injury and athletic event preparation / recovery
● Accident injury
● Post-surgery pain or discomfort
● Soreness and tightness in muscles and joints
● Nutrition guidance
● Safe alternatives to modern medicine and surgery
● And, much more

Baseline Health & Wellness Services

Our vast team of highly educated and supportive doctors and professionals are here to guide you through a smart, safe health program, free of invasive surgeries and masking prescription medications.

From body and pain maintenance to diet and exercise to attaining the next level of fitness, we work with patients of all ages, from all backgrounds, at all ability levels to help them find the balance, comfort, and lifestyle they’re searching for.

Some of our most common services include:


Chiropractic adjustments are manual or instrument-assisted spinal or extremity corrections to targeted joints. These corrections are safe and pain-free, often providing immediate relief and mobility restoration.

Sports-Related Chiropractic

We have several active people on our team and know the value of your body’s performance capabilities. Working with many athletes at all levels and ages, we help their bodies prepare, perform, and recover as safely and quickly as possible. While some of our sports patients see us for an injury, others make routine visits to proactively take care of their bodies prior to a game, competition, or sporting event.

Prenatal and Pregnancy Chiropractic and Webster Technique

Our prenatal and pregnancy chiropractic care is gentle yet effective at staving off pain and discomfort. Your baby’s safety is at the forefront of our care. Using the Webster technique, our chiropractors focus on the pelvis and sacrum and the muscles and ligaments surrounding these areas, keeping mommy and babe protected at all times.


Our team will help patients restore their body’s strength and function through physiotherapy. Maximizing movement and general body wellness, this therapy provides rehabilitative service, as well as preventative and proactive care that works to avoid future injury and promote strength.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Our team will help patients restore their body’s balance and function through Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture treatments. Using Eastern Philosophies to increase the flow of chi and clearing the meridian channels to allow for balance and overall general body wellness, this therapy provides increased stimulus and blood flow to injured regions that require more nutrients to heal that work both preventatively and proactively to avoid future injuries and illnesses

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) & Dry Needling

These treatments involve safely inserting thin needles into sore, injured, or vulnerable muscles and tissues. These therapies reduce pain and restore function and mobility. New and old injuries alike can greatly and holistically benefit from these processes.

ICBC Car Accident Care

Injuries sustained in a car accident can be a slow burn, showing up days after the collision occurred. Running the gamut from mild pain to severe debilitation, we will find a natural healing and wellness program that the patient feels confident in.

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

Many of our patients are suffering from soreness and tension throughout the body. Our massage therapists will provide improved circulation and relaxation to those looking to minimize stress in both mind and body.

Kinesiology Active Rehab

Many of our patients who have an active car accident claim will require active rehab to fully return to their daily activities. Our kinesiologists will provide help get you active and work with you to return to your goals for movement, strength and long term relief.