Dr. Au is certified by the national chiropractic examining boards of Canada (British Columbia) and United States. He is a member of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association, British columbia College of Chiropractic and Canadian Chiropractic Association.



Dr. Kody Au graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. He worked at Burnaby Hospital on the Acute Medicine and Stroke ward shortly after graduating. In 2015, Dr. Kody Au obtained his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences and a Doctor of Chiropractic graduating with Magna Cum Laude Honors from the University of Western States.

Kody has extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. He has a special interest in sports related injuries where he applies extensive assessment, traditional chiropractic therapy, and cutting edge rehabilitation techniques.

Kody has played volleyball competitively in high school and continues to play recreationally till this day. He is also currently a member and sponsor of the Vancouver Dodgeball League. By being active his whole life, Kody has a special appreciation towards sports and athletics. He seeks to allow individuals of all ages to continue their activities as long as possible.




Dr. Jenine McCann graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and Bachelor of Arts. Throughout her education, Dr. Jenine quickly developed a passion for natural health care, which lead her to New York where she obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic. She went on to own a wellness clinic outside of Ottawa for three years and enjoyed working closely with medical doctors, massage therapists, and energy healers in her community.

After doing long distance with her spouse for over a year, Dr. Jenine and her dog, Daisy, decided to move to Vancouver where she will continue chiropractic care and work alongside Dr. Kody Au. Dr. Jenine has certainly been enjoying settling into a new life here with the milder weather, picturesque views, and dog trails.

Dr. Jenine developed a strong passion for treating pregnant women and children which made up the majority of her practice back east. She has taken a number of courses through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and has been certified in the Webster’s Technique for treating pregnant women. She is known for her gentle touch with these specific populations, for spending quality time with each client, and for tailoring every visit to individual needs.

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Dr. Vlad Constantinescu graduated from the University of Toronto in 2017 with an Honors Bachelor of Science with double majors focused in biochemistry and psychology. In August 2017, he experienced his first chiropractic adjustment and within a month Dr. Vlad found himself eager to learn at his first chiropractic lecture. He finished his Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 2020. To gain more knowledge and to scratch his scholastic itch, throughout his chiropractic education, he took it upon himself to attend one extra seminar every semester. He leverages these seminars, courses,  readings and many other tools to get his patients feeling better more efficiently.

Growing up Dr. Vlad was nationally rated in both chess and powerlifting. This is primarily where he learned how to analyze critically and other times to think outside of the box. Dr. Vlad has always lead a healthy and active lifestyle by participating in basketball, rugby and football. He loves to challenge himself by constantly learning and trying new things. Currently, his interests are slacklining, bouldering, and Olympic weightlifting. His lifelong involvement in sports, combined with his in-depth clinical knowledge, was a natural fit for striving to develop further expertise in treating sports injuries and athletes.

One of Dr. Vlad’s favourite quotes from Dr. Karel Lewit – whom is referred to as the Father of Manual Medicine- is “he who treats the site of pain is often lost”. This means that you may be experiencing pain somewhere, but that might not necessarily be the cause of the pain. Dr. Vlad’s philosophy is to first find what is meaningful to you and set goals to get back to your baseline.  To achieve this, he uses a systemic approach in which he evaluates everything from your movement, posture, sleep, stress, etc. to find the initial root of your problem. Then, using the appropriate tools he is able to quickly resolve problems while focusing his treatment on empowering his  patients to take their health into their own hands. In a more modern way, Dr. Vlad loves to work with his patients as if they were on the same team to get them feeling empowered and better.


Dr. Christy Yip


Dr. Christy Yip graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic at the University of Western States in 2021. She may be petite but has great knowledge and techniques in treating various musculoskeletal conditions! Her approach to treatment revolves around the idea of increasing mobility to develop stability and strength via chiropractic techniques and active rehabilitation. Under the guidance of Dr. Jenine McCann, Christy has gained valuable experience in treating pregnant women and children as well and hopes to further pursue this field of practice in the near future.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Christy indulging in Vancouver’s food scene but also hiking up to breath-taking mountain views.






Jamie completed her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy and her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. After working for a year in Edmonton, Jamie decided in 2015 to continue her practice in Vancouver. Beyond her MSc, Jamie has her Medical Acupuncture Certification (CAFCI - Foundation of Canada Institute) as well as functional dry needling and IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) certification.

Jamie’s desire to pursue physiotherapy as a career stemmed from her lifetime involvement in competitive sports. She keeps active with squash, soccer, running, and weightlifting. Jamie is an avid squash player and has competed on both a provincial and national level. She is also a fitness instructor and loves helping people move toward their fitness goals and potential. Over the years, Jamie has sustained several sporting injuries requiring the expertise of a physiotherapist and understands the importance of rehabilitation and injury prevention. Jamie’s practice extends to treating people of all ages and abilities. As a physiotherapist, Jamie believes that it is important to use individualized treatment plans to achieve each client’s personal goals. Through the use of a variety of different treatment techniques she aims to help her patients recover, understand their injuries, address the underlying causes, and prevent future injuries.






Kevin graduated from the University of British Columbia (many many years ago) and after graduation moved to Japan to work for seven years to teach English. After returning home from Japan, Kevin entered PCU College to pursue the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. Kevin decided to take on this career path because as a long time basketball player, he sustained a number of injuries. Luckily, through acupuncture treatments his injuries were treated and improved greatly and durring treatments he was also able to learn and appreciate the importance of a healthy and a balanced diet on his overall health. Kevin has a passion to use the knowledge he's obtained to empower and aid individuals to not only be healthier but to also prevent further injuries and illnesses for the future.

Using different techniques in acupuncture, including cupping, Gua Sha, tuina, and electroacupuncture, Kevin can treat patients with internal challenges and concerns such as insomnia, stress relief, and digestive problems. But he is also proficient at treating physical conditions such as frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, sciatica, neck, shoulders, lower back pain and also sport-related injuries.

During his free time, Kevin enjoys playing basketball, tennis, badminton, golf, and many other sports. When he's not doing sports, he likes to check out different cafes and restaurants or play the Nintendo Switch with his friends. If anyone wants tips on where to visit in Japan, Kevin's got you covered!


Registered Massage Therapists


Einer Lim


Einer was once upon a time, a semi-pro frisbee player. His passion for chasing plastic has led to several injuries, big and small and the treatments that got him back on his feet influenced his treatment style now. Having graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, Einer wants to use the skills gained from school to help people attain a pain free normal. Einer practices with a combination of Swedish and orthopedic techniques.

Einer still enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and is active in the dodgeball community. Einer is recently married with a small fur baby named Chewie. Einer is pronounced "Eye-ner".


Lorrisa Deng


Lorrisa is a recent graduate from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Prior to massage therapy, Lorrisa worked a variety of jobs ranging from retail management to work in a lab. Wanting to contribute more and help others, she ventured into her current field as an RMT. The one-on-one sessions allow Lorrisa to build a therapeutic relationship with her clients and understand their health goals. By using a mixture of swedish techniques and orthopedic approaches, Lorrisa is able to help her clients attain their goals, aiming to have them live a pain-free life. Such techniques include, myofascial work, joint mobilizations, neuromuscular techniques and hydrotherapy.

During her free time, she enjoys staying active with muay thai and spends as much time as possible with her 2 dogs Arney and Tobi. Feel free to show pictures of your dogs as she loves chatting about them!




Shivani Jiandani


Shivani was born and raised in Singapore and moved to Vancouver to pursue a degree in kinesiology. She graduated in May 2021 with a major in kinesiology and a minor in psychology from the University of British Columbia. Shivani has always been passionate about the realm of exercise and physical and mental wellbeing as she grew up playing multiple sports competitively, including softball, basketball, swimming and touch rugby. Her passion for rehabilitation therapy and strength and conditioning began when she was diagnosed with minor scoliosis and worked closely with rehabilitation therapists and strength coaches to recover and continue her sports training.

Shivani has had experience working with a variety of populations including older adults at BodyWorks UBC, individuals with schizophrenia at the Vancouver General Hospital, athletes at the UBC varsity gym, as well as people from different backgrounds as a personal trainer.

In her spare time, Shivani enjoys exploring the outdoors, cooking and trying new foods and weightlifting.


Carol Yin


Carol graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Active Health & Rehabilitation and a certificate in Occupational Ergonomics. During her degree, she volunteered as a Team Trainer for the SFU Sports Medicine Clinic, working with NCAA Football, Wrestling, Softball, and Volleyball teams providing athletic taping and rehabilitation assistance. Carol also has a wide range of experience working as a Student Ergonomist, creating educational guidelines and recommendations based on ergonomic principles to help prevent future injuries in workers.

In her spare time, Carol enjoys rock climbing, critiquing crime shows, and experimenting in her kitchen with fermentation projects. She’s very excited to be working amongst such a strong and friendly team here at Baseline!


Daryl Lum


Daryl was born and raised in Singapore and graduated from University British Columbia 2021 with a major in Kinesiology. Growing up his passion for fitness led him to participate in various sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, and dragon-boat. During his time in Vancouver he expanded his experience through becoming a personal trainer, working with Canucks Autism, and volunteered in a neuroplasticity clinic. With such experiences Daryl strives to always improve to help better the lives of those that he meets.

In his spare time, Daryl will be out and about enjoying delicious food around Vancouver, and playing in various sports leagues whenever he finds the time for it.


Simone Copping


Simone has a diploma in human kinetics (exercise science) from Capilano University and graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2021 with a degree in kinesiology. Simone also recently became an ACE certified personal trainer. Simone has gained experience in developing and implementing rehabilitation exercises through volunteering at Stan Stronge therapy pool, VGH Cardiac Rehabilitation Center and as a rhythmic gymnastics coach for the North Shore Special Olympics. Simone is passionate about helping people recover from injuries and getting back to the activities they love.

In her free time Simone enjoys spending time outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activities include backcountry camping, biking, running and gardening.


Marcus Kwan


Marcus was born and raised in Hong Kong where he graduated with a major in Kinesiology from The University of British Columbia in 2022. Growing up, he has discovered a passion in fitness, swimming and running. His experience in the health and sport industry has also allowed him to work with individuals with different needs and goals.

Marcus also has several years of experience working with populations with special needs as a Behavioural Interventionist, where he works closely with children who are diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities. During his time at UBC, he has also volunteered as a Swimming Instructor for UBC Splash Kids, where he also provided swimming lessons to children with special needs.

In his spare time, Marcus enjoys exploring different restaurants around Vancouver and being active outdoors, such as hiking, biking and running!


Nina Bernhardt


Nina graduated with her Bachelor's of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. During her time as a student, she worked as a group fitness instructor for the elderly and/or those with chronic illnesses as well as volunteering at the Varsity Gym to support student-athletes in reaching their performance goals. Since graduating she has worked as a Kinesiologist and worked with clients to address their mobility issues, pain, and general health or performance goals. Working with a broad range of individuals in the past, Nina is ready to treat clients of various ages, injuries and exercise backgrounds with different goals. Nina's number one goal is to help clients move pain-free and enjoy both functional movement and recreational activities.

In her free time, she loves to be outdoors. She enjoys skiing, soccer, yoga, and lifting weights. Since moving to Vancouver from Germany she has also picked up ski touring and dinghy sailing.

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