Telemedicine, Telerehab – What is it?

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April 14, 2020
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April 21, 2020

Telemedicine, Telerehab – What is it?

Baseline is now offering Telemedicine!

Baseline is now offering Telemedicine!

COVID 19 has presented a major  disruption in our regular lives and we have heard from many that have struggled with their conditions during this time. During this time, the healthcare world has fast tracked a lot of policies and procedures to evolve into the world of Telehealth. At Baseline, we have been working to create a solution for our patients to assist them in this time of need and provide value for them to take care of their ongoing conditions. Given the current government policies and the undetermined amount of closure due to COVID 19, we have finally established the ability to offer Telehealth or Telerehab that will allow you to connect with your physiotherapist or chiropractor during this time.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of technology to aid in communication of patients to their health care professional in order to address their health concerns when they are unable to achieve this in person.

What is Tele-rehabilitation?

Tele-rehabilitation or Tele-rehab is a specific type of telehealth that uses a video communication technology to connect you with your physiotherapist or chiropractor and allow these professionals to address your conditions and help to educate you on the exercises and techniques that will help you to address your conditions.

All of the tools used maintain privacy, confidentiality for clients and are still documented as a part of your file.

When might tele-rehab be appropriate?

  • Tele-rehab is a great tool for those in need of education and exercise progressions for current rehab programs, consultations about new conditions or  any questions about home ergonomics.
  • Tele-rehab is effective for managing care that would have been followed up on in a clinic setting during a social distancing time frame

Are tele-rehab sessions covered by insurance?

  • As of April 19, 2020, Baseline is charging for their services either through e-transfers or credit cards. The rates will be determined based on each practitioner who will alert you of the charges prior to establishing an appointment. Many extended health plans have authorized coverage for Telehealth and tele-rehab sessions, however, Baseline will not be doing direct billing for these sessions so the coverage amount will be determined by the user’s plan, we will not be able to check how much that is. Once the appointment is completed, you will receive an invoice and a receipt once the session has been paid for.
  • If you are with an active ICBC case, your tele-rehab sessions are covered and we will direct bill these cases as per the ICBC agreement without any user fees.

How to book for a tele-rehab session?

  • If you are interested in booking a tele-rehab session, here are a few steps to take given that times are limited and practitioners will manage their own bookings.
  • For all appointment requests please include:
    1. Your name (first and last)
    2. Your phone number (in case the call drops due to technical difficulties)
    3. Your practitioners name
      • For Dr. Kody’s patients, please e-mail requesting for a session.
      • For Jamie’s  patients, please e-mail to request for a session.
      • For  Dr. Drew’s patients, please e-mail (please note, Dr. Drew is not currently offering telemedicine but he is available to connect with his clients to help them during this time.)
      • For Dr. Jenine’s patients, please e-mail (however, please not that Dr. Jenine is currently unable to offer sessions as she is not in BC currently)
      • For Kevin’s patients, unfortunately, Registered Massage Therapists are unable to complete telemedicine at this time.
  • You will receive a link from your practitioner from a website which is both secure and allows the practitioner to start the session safely.
  • Prior to your session
    1. Please ensure you have ample space to move around and perform tests and exercises.
    2. If you have weights, bands or a mat, please set it up accordingly within the view of your device’s camera view
    3. Please try to be in an area with stable WiFi connection and a functional microphone and speakers.
    4. Please wear appropriate clothing that allows you to move freely.
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