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Whether you are recovering from a recent injury, need some strengthening exercises or looking to address an ongoing problem, we are here to help! Join us at Baseline as we get you moving through exercise and relieving your stress and pains. No matter the cause of your pain, we got you covered!

What is Physiotherapy directed Kinesiology (PDK)?

Our physiotherapy directed kinesiology (PDK) is a program designed to provide individuals with one on one time to help them achieve their active rehabilitation goals through the teamwork of our physiotherapist and kinesiologists. Whether you are recovering from an injury, returning to an old sport, or simply wanting some guidance on setting up a safe and effective exercise program for yourself, this program may be perfect for you. For people recovering from injuries, this program is designed to help bridge the gap between rehabilitation and return to sport and help individuals safely and confidently return to the activities or sports they love. 


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. At Baseline Health and Wellness, our kinesiologists assist individuals of all ages and physical abilities in achieving their health/wellness and fitness goals.


What types of injuries can a physiotherapist help with?

Physiotherapists can treat almost any type of body injury including but not limited to injury to the neck, back, arms, legs. They can treat acute and chronic injuries that are related to sport injuries, car accidents or pains that arise from unknown causes. Physiotherapists can help with injuries related to muscle (soft tissue), ligaments, bones, joints and nerves!

“I started my physiotherapy with Jamie Sonego a few months ago after a very painful and incapacitating shoulder tendinitis that took me to the hospital. After the first session I felt much better and after a couple of weeks of treatment it felt like I never had had any issues. Unfortunately I injured my knee as well and kept going to Jamie to recover. She has been extremely professional and understanding in making efforts to provide me with tools to treat my injury and give me tools to cope with my rehab in a way that I could still keep active with my daily physical activities. Thanks to her I was able to run a half-marathon without compromising the treatment. I'd undoubtedly recommend Jamie to any person seeking for professional help.”

L. Sousa // Vancouver

What can I expect during my initial visit?

On your first visit, you'll meet with our physiotherapist, who will do a comprehensive examination. The assessment will include a thorough history taking and a physical examination. The physical examination will include (but may not be limited to) an evaluation of your range of motion, muscle strength, and various functional activities. Based on your assessment results, our physiotherapist will create a treatment plan that is tailored to your goals and we'll collaborate with our Kinesiologist to develop an individualized exercise program for you. After that, you'll be assigned to one of our kinesiologists who will give one-on-one exercise therapy under the instruction of your physiotherapist. To monitor your objectives and assess your progress, our physiotherapist will provide for reassessment if necessary

How Long Are The Visits?

The initial visit with our physiotherapist may be anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. PDK sessions can be scheduled for either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour long.


Conditions Physiotherapy Directed Kinesiology can Treat

Patients who visit our Vancouver clinic for care usually complain of the following:
● Low back pain
Neck pain
● Whiplash
Headaches and Migraines
● Car accident injuries/ICBC
● Foot and ankle injuries/sprains
● Thoracic outlet syndrome (Arm Numbness)
● Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
● Sprains and Strains
● Stress and Pain Management
● Post Operative Rehabilitation
● Piriformis syndrome
● Sciatic nerve pain (Sciatica)
● IT Band syndrome (Knee Pain)
● Plantar fasciitis (Foot Pain)
● Compartment Syndrome
● Arthritis
● Patellofemoral pain (knee pain)
● Shoulder Impingment



“I've visited Baseline about a year ago and saw Jamie, physio, for my bursitis. She was great but i felt physio didn’t remedy my condition as completely as I'd have liked. That's why i chose to see a chiropactor for my low back pain this time round. I saw Dr. Vlad, who helped me enormously from the outset. He literally gave me a glimpse of what 'normal' felt like for about 2-3 hours after his first treatment. After several weeks of unrelenting pain this a major revelation and made me trust him with my care. He is very into explaining to and educating the patient about the causes of the problem and why and how the treatments will go. He is very knowledgeable and my only criticism is that he tends to bombard you with info in the initial consult. He suggested acupuncture and introduced me to Kevin, whom i saw to treat my scar tissue from an old surgery. Kevin is a very caring, gentle acupuncturist who, also, explains the what, where and how of the procedure. Baseline is an excellent centre, full of well-educated practitioners. I highly recommend their services. But be prepared to do your homework (exercises) to augment your own healing.”

L. McCormack // Vancouver

Benefits Physiotherapy Directed Kinesiology:

● Monitoring of your progress by a Physiotherapist to ensure you are progressing properly in your rehab
● Relax tight muscles  and learn how to properly be active
● Improve flexibility/mobility
● Improve muscular imbalances
● Avoid and prevent the need for surgery
● Improve balance and prevent falls
● Manage age related issues/changes

“I decided to see Jamie Sonego. She was very thorough in her assessment and then immediately went to work on the area of concern. She also gave me some exercises to do at home and followed up with another treatment and additional exercises the next week. I have already noticed some progress so I am pleased with the results.!”

W. Hunter// Vancouver, BC

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Written by: Jamie Sonego, Vancouver Physiotherapist