Salma Samnani

Salma Narsindani Burnaby Physiotherapist

Salma Samnani

Position: Physiotherapist


When human beings experience disabling challenges, it is not uncommon to for their lives to unravel. Salma’s greatest passion is to help people overcome physical challenges. She helps her clients (child, youth, adult and families) to find healthy perspectives of themselves by enlightening the relationships between their mind, body and soul. Salma achieves this through educating clients about the relationships between how muscles, joints and ligaments works and how clients can self manage their physical pain. Ultimately helping clients become more efficient at work, fulfilling their passions and spending much-needed time with their family is Salma’s key to helping her clients.

Salma is the proud mom of two sons holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Physiotherapy as well as a Masters in Administrative Sciences. Having for more than 10 yrs of experience in the physiotherapy field and practicing in multiple different specialties including musculoskeletal injury, neuro rehabilitation and cardiovascular rehabilitation, Salma is equipped to handle cases from both acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. Salma is a lifelong learning and remains curious about learning new techniques because she believes there is no one single approach that is right for everyone.

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