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Karolina Kluska

Karolina Kluska

Position: Acupuncturist

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Karolina is profoundly fascinated by the intelligence of women’s bodies in creating, birthing and nurturing new life. It is Karolina’s greatest joy to watch her clients transform during their pregnancies and as they become mothers and grow the next generation.

Karolina’s wheelhouse is women’s health and mental health. Noticing a gap in how women access and experience healthcare as well as the dire need for mental health support in her communities, Karolina shifted her practice to supporting other women to get into alignment with their biggest health goals and add to their families.

Often working closely with and learning from midwives, doulas and other prenatal professionals Karolina has helped hundreds of women boost fertility, harmonise their cycle, optimise fertility treatments, have happy pregnancies, faster, more satisfying births and post-partum experiences, and of course healthy babies, all while striving to center parents-to-be in their unique pregnancy journey.

Karolina has an earnest commitment to continuing education which enables her to continually improve the ways in which she serves her patients. Karolina has engaged in courses of study with many respected, international reproductive medicine experts through The Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) in the hope of becoming a Fellow. At the core of Karolina’s offering is Balance Acupuncture, a world-renowned technique whose roots go back thousands of years to the original form of acupuncture which she had studied extensively, becoming a Certified Balance System of Acupuncture Jade Level Practitioner in 2021.

At Baseline Health and Wellness Karolina is excited to offer acupuncture and cupping therapy treatments for fertility (M+F) and pregnancy support, cervical ripening (birth prep) and postpartum support, acupuncture for mental health and facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

When she’s not in the clinic Karolina can be found soaking in nature while hiking, snowboarding, swimming in the ocean, or enjoying an extra long Yin yoga session at an East Van park.

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