Kelly Lim

Kelly Lim - Body Worker Burnaby

Kelly Lim

Position: Body Worker

RMT (Fall 2023), BBA

Kelly graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) on the Academic Honour Roll and will be writing her RMT Registration Exams in Fall 2023. Kelly became a strong advocate for massage therapy after experiencing first-hand the benefits and improvements it can bring after injuries from sports or accidents.
Before starting her RMT journey, Kelly was an international flight attendant for 10 years and assisted citizens from Abbotsford to Pemberton as a 911 police call-taker which helped her realize how much she enjoyed helping others. Wanting to help people in a more hands-on and personal way, Kelly loves how massage therapy has combined her raisons d’être with her lifelong love of learning. She is very interested in pursuing more education and training in the fields of pre/post-natal care, TMJ dysfunction and spinal cord injuries.

When not working, Kelly enjoys eating K-BBQ, gardening, reading, yoga, or enjoying a coffee, usually with her shadow, Nike, nearby.

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