Lower Back Rehab and Fitness Class

Self Diagnosing Knee Pain
Self Diagnosing Knee Pain
July 27, 2021
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March 16, 2022

Lower Back Rehab and Fitness Class

Turnfit Personal Trainers

Four Week Lower Back Rehab and Fitness Class

Turnfit Personal Trainers

We have partnered up with Vancouver’s Top Choice Awards #1 Personal Training Group, Turnfit Personal Trainers, to provide Baseline clients with a new blend of rehab and fitness all in one class. 

No more having to modify your workout in class because of your lower back pain and the fear of movement because all your classmates will be experiencing lower back pain as well!

Our new program is launching October 1st, 2021. It will be a group training class with a maximum size of 10 people that is taught by a personal trainer and assisted by a Kinesiologist from Baseline Health and Wellness. We will be combining rehab exercises for your lower back with a fitness routine to help you get fit.

Did you know that up to 85% of people will experience back pain in their lifetime? And that it costs our Canadian medical system of up to 12 billion dollars each year to treat back pain? 

At Baseline, we have the privilege of helping put a dent in this statistic by being able to help our clients diagnose, treat, and provide rehab exercises to keep them out of the medical system! But, throughout this time frame of helping our clients, we have realized that there has been one challenge that we have not been able to overcome. That is the challenge of keeping our clients out of pain for the long term. At Baseline, we excel at guiding our clients out of the immediate pain and providing them with management solutions for the future. That’s just simply not good enough as we are trying to relieve our clients of back pain forever if possible!

That is why we have partnered up with Turnfit Personal Trainers Ltd., the top personal training group in Vancouver, to create a unique program designed to move clients from maintaining their lower back pain to eliminating it entirely!

This class includes:

  • Prescribed solo workouts via our world-class fitness app
  • Calorie and cardio tracking in an app
  • Unlimited support from a team of fitness professionals to help you
  • Access to a closed Facebook community page for TurnFit members
  • Macro Coaching
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Max class size 10 people
  • Frequency: 2x / Week
  • Days Of The Week: To be determined based on client demand (Pre sale clients will suggest 2 days per week Monday to Friday)
  • Time: 6PM depending on client demand
  • Location: 3311 W Broadway
  • Class time: 50 minute classes
  • Free underground parking

What you walk away with:

  • Toned body
  • Released back pain
  • Increased confidence and decreased fear of movement
  • Enhanced mood
  • Better mobility and function
  • Improved endurance
  • Less body fat!

Click here for the Pre Sale Special $297

Regular price $398

If this class is your goal but your low back pain stops you from moving, start with some treatment at our clinic. You can schedule here at www.baselinewellness.ca or give us a call at 604 674 4027 ext 0 and we’ll get you ready for this class in no time!

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