Low back pain – How to get out of bed?

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March 18, 2020
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March 18, 2020

Low back pain – How to get out of bed?

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Do you struggle getting out of bed without injuring your back?

Do you have that lingering tightness in your low back right when you get out of bed?


Here’s a tip for you!

In the clinic, I see so many people who report pain getting out of bed or pain first thing in the morning. Often times, I find that most people are overloading their low back and because their lower back is not stable enough often times it will spasm as a result. Here’s a video to help you out with that as you are stuck at home!

1) Brace your core as you decide which direction you are going to turn to get out of bed
2) Turn to the side as a unit with the core braced
3) Brace your core once again and as your legs are off the bed, use your downside elbow and your upside hand to help push you up.
4) Now that you are seated, scoot to the front of the seat
5) Bend forward from your hips, not your back, until you feel a little pulling on your butt muscles
6) Using your legs, push your belt buckle forwards to stand upright without leaning backwards in the process.

Please try this out, and hopefully it will decrease those low back spasm and tightness symptoms.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to see other videos, please comment below!


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