Low back pain – How to get into bed

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March 19, 2020
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Low back pain – How to get into bed

getting into bed

Do you struggle getting into bed without injuring your back?

Do you have that pulling sensation when you try to get into bed?

Here’s a tip for you!


In the clinic, I have seen a lot of individuals get on my table with some of the worst patterns. When you have low back pain, you know that you have to be careful when bending and twisting but when you’re feeling good, that probably isn’t very high in the thought process. Often times, I see that the poor patterns of low back motion can lead to spasms and guarding of the low back. Here’s a way you can get into bed without triggering that reaction and using those poor patterns!

1) Brace your core as you decide to sit back into your bed
2) Bow forward from your hips and not your back until you feel a little pulling in your butt muscles
3) Bend your knees while continuing to bend forward from your hips and not your back.
4) Now that you are seated, return to an upright seated position.
5) Brace your core, and lie down sideways and bring your legs onto the bed.
6) If you sleep on your side, your in your position of choice but if you sleep on your back, then brace your core and turn as one unit onto your back.

Please try this out, and hopefully it will decrease those low back spasm and tightness symptoms.

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