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Vancouver Healthcare Workers Pain Relief Plan

Are you:

In pain from lifting patients?

Noticing your shoulders, neck and jaw are getting worse from working long hours?

Losing energy and stamina?

We can help.

Your Blue Cross coverage can cover our specialized program:

Our clinic is located on Broadway and Oak at #302 - 1037 West Broadway.

Hi, I'm Dr.Kody Au and I used to be a nurse.

I understand how physical your job can be. When I was a nurse, I put my back out on the job catching a patient.  That experience motivated me to become a specialized chiropractor.

I have an amazing package designed just for you.

This program is designed for all health care workers. It includes:


Do you work in a high stress position? Do you experience unpredictable shift work and long hours? This package is designed for hospital workers with Blue Cross coverage.

How it works:

Each Baseline Wellness appointment will include assessment, treatment, and ongoing plans to help you stay healthy.  Appointments will be one hour and address general pain, joint issues and/or repetitive stress issues. We’re able to target back, shoulder, and foot pain if needed.

This one-year specialized package is designed for:

Med lab technologists
General pain, joint and repetitive stress issues

Why you should choose this plan:

We understand how important your job is as a healthcare worker and how crucial your line of work is in taking care of our loved ones. But now, it’s time to take care of your self. If you’re in pain at work then it’s difficult for you to do your job at an optimal level – commit to treatment that maximizes your ability to work and provide care.

Call us to make your first appointment:



We are located on Broadway and Oak at #302 – 1037 West Broadway: